Type-C High Definition Digital Decoding Cable
Built-in high-performance audio codec chip, high signal-to-noise ratio, and low distortion
TRN A1-TC Type-C High Definition Digital Decoding CableTRN A1-TC Type-C High Definition Digital Decoding Cable

The high-performance audio codec decoder chip

TRN A1-TC cable has an outstanding microchip manufacturing process and highly-integrated professional-grade ADC. Significantly improve the sound quality of mobile phones, which enhances the audio signal to the earphone.
Chip compatibility is good, without noise and most of the devices use it on the market.
TRN A1-TC cable Type-C connector

Better performance with better cable

TRN A1-TC uses oxygen-free copper (OFC) cable, which gives natural, full-bodied, and clear sound.
TRN A1-TC cable loops

Standard gold-plated 2-pin connector

TRN A1-TC cable is fully compatible with TRN BA15, TRN MT1, TRN BA8, TRN VX, TRN BA5, TRN V90S, TRN ST1, TRN STM, and many other models.
TRN A1-TC without earphone

Enjoy superior quality music anytime, anywhere

The soft, brilliant external coating not only looks good but enhances user experience and comfort as well.
TRN A1-TC black cable loops


Product Name
Connector type
2-pin (S-type)
Jack type
Over-ears with soft ear loops
Cable configuration
4 cores woven with 14 strands each, every individual strand consists of 56 wires
TRN A1-TC on the bookTRN A1-TC Type-C connector on the bookTRN A1-TC cable connected to TRN VX earphoneTRN A1-TC cable connected to TRN MT1 earphone


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