Achieve Aural Enlightenment, Nirvana & Rebirth
7 balanced armature drivers Hi-Fi in-ear monitor
Integrated sound ducts design
Colorful resin faceplate
3D printed shell
German-imported medical-grade UV-curing resin
TRN X7 7 balanced armature drivers Hi-Fi in-ear monitorTRN X7 7 balanced armature drivers Hi-Fi in-ear monitorTRN X7 7 balanced armature drivers Hi-Fi in-ear monitor

7 balanced armature drivers per channel to unleash the true fidelity of your music

The low-frequency unit adopts TRN's customized 22955 driver, which has powerful and robust output. Two customized 50060 BA drivers are used for upper-midrange and high frequencies. One customized 29689 BA driver uses for the lower-midrange and bass. Three customized 30095 BA drivers are used for exceptional treble details. This combination gives TRN X7 a full, sweet, and yet highly resolving sound.
The balanced, homogeneous sound is neutral and refined with grandeur!
TRN X7 scheme
Customized 22955 X 1
Customized 50060 X 2
Customized 29689 X 1
Customized 30095 X 3

The highly precise 3D printing process brings out beautiful beyond our imagination

TRN X7 utilizes DLP (Digital Light Processing) 3D printing - an exact 3D printing technology with impeccable accuracy. Every structural detail is more finely reproduced, especially the internal acoustic chamber, which is difficult to achieve with conventional 3D printing.
TRN X7 3D printed surface

A simple yet effective crossover system

TRN X7 inside schematic
TRN X7 uses a 3-channel independent sound duct with an individual chamber to obtain a purer sound and crosstalk between multiple BAs. With the help of precision 3D printing, all 7 drivers will better maximize their strength.
TRN X7 inside schematic top view
Professional audio system electronics are mounted on SMT surface mount PCB. This design provides excellent electrical characteristics of the crossover network.

Colorful resin faceplate

A marriage of art and technology
A brilliant pattern was achieved using imported resin, spray paint, high-gloss polishing, and acrylic coating. Our hypo-allergenic medical-grade resin is specially imported from Germany, which gives the most comfortable feel. Rest assured, it has been built with utmost care and precision for premium quality and reliability.
TRN X7 on black

Exceptional high fidelity in music reproduction is all you will hear

Years of experience in acoustics engineering has been carefully accumulated for this glorious moment.
TRN X7 frequency response
* The above data from Laboratory Test. Actual use may be slightly different!

A joy to both the eyes and the ears

TRN X7 has a beautiful design and sound that reflects good taste
An endless pursuit of achieving the most comfortable ear fit has led us to collect ear canal impressions of test subjects. We studied different ear shapes together with nationally-renown ear specialists to solve the wearer's discomfort.
TRN X7 in a man's ear

Audiophile-grade accessories that bring Hi-Fi quality sound to your hands

Standard 4-core silver-plated cable effectively reduces interference, crosstalk, and transmission loss.
TRN X7 with cable

Maximum scalability and playability, which makes Hi-Fi more exciting and fun

A 2-pin type connection provides maximum compatibility and customization.
TRN X7 on Hi-Fi player first view

TRN X7 comes fully accessorized so that you don't have to worry

Aluminum storage case, 6.35mm jack adapter, airline earphone adapter, 7 pairs of assorted eartips (balanced eartips X 3 (SML) + bass eartips (SML) + memory foam eartips X 1).
TRN X7 with all accessories


Product model
Product type
Full-balanced armature earphone
Driver units
Customized BAs 30095 x3 + 29689 x1 + 50060 x2 + 22955 x1
Ear hook
Jack type
Frequency response
Connector type
Earphone weight
Cable weight
Cable length
Black. Purple
TRN X7 on Hi-Fi player second viewTRN X7 on Hi-Fi player third view


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