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Transforms Your Favourite IEM into Wireless Ones
Supports Bluetooth 5.0
aptX compatible
Tl / Burr-Brown DSP
Supports AAC Codec
240 mAh Li-Ion battery
280 hours standby time
20 hours battery life
IPX7 waterproof

Wear the design around the ear

No more comfortable feeling of wearing
The TRN BT3S Bluetooth module offers a sleek, ergonomic design that comfortably wraps around the ear, ensuring a secure and discreet fit for extended listening sessions.
TRN BT3S in a man's ear

Not just an upgrade

More self-transcendence and breakthrough
Multiple upgrades
Long battery life
Long gone
Battery capacity
240 mAh
Play music
20 h
Charging time
2 h
TRN BT3 on a white background
TRN BT3S on a white background
Promotion 200%
BT3 120mAh
BT3S 240mAh

Class IPX7 waterproofing

The TRN BT3S Bluetooth module boasts a robust IPX7 waterproof rating, featuring full-body nano waterproofing. This advanced protection shields your headphones from sweat during daily workouts and guards against rainwater, ensuring longevity and reliability. This superior waterproofing capability provides long-term protection for your earphones.
TRN BT3S in a water drops

5 popular IEM connector types* to choose from

0.75-S 2-Pin / 0.78-S 2-Pin / 0.75mm 2-Pin / 0.78mm 2-Pin / MMCX
0.75-S 2-Pin connector
0.75-S 2-Pin
0.78-S 2-Pin connector
0.78-S 2-Pin
0.75mm 2-Pin connector
0.75mm 2-Pin
0.78mm 2-Pin connector
0.78mm 2-Pin
MMCX connector

CSR8645 Single-chip solution

The CSR8645 chipset is a dual-mode, stereo ROM solution with Qualcomm aptX and Qualcomm cVc 6.0 technology to help set a new wireless stereo audio quality standard. Developed for extensive vocal and music capabilities, the CSR8645 delivers high-quality voice and pro-audio in a single-chip solution.
CSR8645 Single-chip solution

What is aptX?

Qualcomm aptX audio is a bit-rate efficient technology that uses a high-performance, non-destructive compression algorithm to ensure the highest-quality sound reception from aptX-compliant Bluetooth audio devices. With aptX audio, you can enjoy the convenience of wireless music streaming in CD-like sound quality.

Uses Bluetooth 5.0 chipset

Faster and more stable Bluetooth 5.0 technology enhances data and music transmission. It improves both latency and transmission range instantaneously. Music quality is ensured.
Bluetooth 5.0 chipset

100% Great sound, 0% wire

Clear and high-quality audio, bundled with advanced wireless transmission technology - Bluetooth 5.0 and Qualcomm® aptX™ support - ensures you hear every bit of music within a 10-meter range*.
You won’t miss a detail, and you certainly won’t miss the cord.
TRN BT3S's remote
Volume reduction / last song
Switch / receive / hang up / play / pause
Volume plus / lower song
* Keep within a 10-meter line-of-sight range for optimal reception and transmission.


Product name
Bluetooth chip
Bluetooth version
Bluetooth 5.0 (aptX and cVc compatible)
Bluetooth range
Approx 10 meters (line-of-sight)
Standby time
Up to 280 hours
Battery capacity
240 mAh
Charging time
About 1-2 hours
Playing time
Up to 20 hours
Charging port
MicroUSB 5V/60mA
* Keep within a 10-meter line-of-sight range for optimal reception and transmission.
TRN BT3S without earphonesTRN BT3S' batteryTRN BT3S' battery and remoteTRN BT3S connected to black earphonesTRN BT3S connected to one pink earphoneTRN BT3S connected to pink earphonesTRN BT3S's connectors with green earphonesTRN BT3S connected to green earphones


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