2DD+1BA Hybrid Knowles Balanced Armature In-Ear Monitor
Knowles balanced armature
10mm beryllium-coated dual-magnet dynamic driver
6mm titanium-coated dynamic driver
Aluminum alloy & resin housing
4-core cable with silver-plated copper and oxygen-free braided copper cable
TRN TA3 Hybrid In-Ear Monitor
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TRN TA3 Hybrid In-Ear Monitor

A union between rigidity and flexibility results in a fantastic sound performance

TRN's first dual dynamic driver equipped with Knowles balanced armature. Our acoustics engineers tuned the TRN TA3 following the characteristics of both dynamic drivers and balanced armature so that these two types of drivers complement each other. The two dynamic drivers' ultra-wide frequency response and the balance armature's excellent resolution are brought together to create exhilarating music experiences.
TRN TA3 schema with numbers
10mm beryllium-coated dual-magnetic driver
6mm titanium-coated dynamic driver
Imported Knowles 33518 balanced armature driver

Dual dynamic drivers + Knowles balanced armature 3-way hybrid configuration

TRN TA3 has a 10mm beryllium-coated dual-magnetic dynamic driver responsible for low frequency, a 6mm titanium-coated dynamic driver for midrange and upper-midrange frequency, and an imported Knowles 33518 balanced armature for treble. Complimented by an advanced, custom-tuned frequency crossover network, TRN TA3 can achieve deep, punchy bass, clear vocals, and exceptional resolution without harshness.
TRN TA3 schema
10mm beryllium-coated diaphragm dual-magnet dynamic driver

10mm beryllium-coated diaphragm dual-magnet dynamic driver

We use rare metal beryllium to coat our unique diaphragm to achieve crisp and delicate bass.
6mm titanium-coated dynamic driver

6mm titanium-coated dynamic driver

The titanium-coated diaphragm is known for high rigidity and good elasticity, presenting full and delicate vocal expression, and reproduces exquisite musical texture with breathtaking details.
Imported Knowles 33518 high-frequency balanced armature driver

Imported Knowles 33518 high-frequency balanced armature driver

The classic Knowles 33518 balanced armature is exceptionally clean and resolving, which gives a transparent overall sound quality.

Combining Zinc alloy and resin to create an elegant aesthetic appearance

The Zinc alloy faceplate utilizes five-axis CNC machining to ensure the high-precision operation and better surface finishing. The ergonomics housing is cast with imported semi-transparent resin. Together, they give an exquisite and luxurious sonic presentation.
TRN TA3 Zinc alloy faceplate
Two-step anodization
Mosaic process
Zinc alloy faceplate
Imported resin housing

Electronic + Passive dampener sound tuning methodology truly restores the high-fidelity sound

TRN TA3 adopts conventional electronic crossover and passive sound dampeners to accurately and evenly distribute the bass, midrange, and treble regions. Implementing dual dynamic drivers and a balanced armature helps achieve coherency throughout the frequency spectrum.
TRN TA3 next to Hi-Fi player
*The above data is from TRN Acoustic Laboratory. Actual use may be slightly different.


TRN TA3 adopts 4-core silver-plated copper wounded and an oxygen-free copper braided cable. Such configuration has the advantages of both silver-plated copper and oxygen-free copper. It effectively gives fullness to the sound. Resolution is greatly enhanced, extracting fine details with unsurpassed clarity. Swappable connectors with 3.5mm/ 2.5mm / 4.4mm gold-plated audio jacks.
2pin-S plug-in design
2pin-S plug-in design
3.5/2.4/4.4mm connectors
Plug-and-play convenience includes 3.5/2.4/4.4mm connectors
TRN TA3 without cable


Product model
Transducer type
Hybrid In-Ear Monitor
Frequency response
Jack type
Connector type
Cable length
Black and gold
Ear hook
8.2g+20g (single earphone + cable)
Actual product specifications may vary, and all features, functionality, and other specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.
TRN TA3 What in the box
TRN TA3 with cable


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