Reaching New Dimensions Of Sound, Technology, And Construction
Audiophile 10 Hybrid Drivers Flagship In-Ear Monitors
Aerospace-grade aluminum chassis
1 dynamic driver + 4 balanced armature hybrid configurations
TRN V90 1 dynamic driver + 4 balanced armature hybrid earphoneTRN V90 1 dynamic driver + 4 balanced armature hybrid earphone

17 months of blood, sweat, and tears

Plus, countless setbacks
Customized 30019 balanced armature drivers x4
Customized 50060 balanced armature drivers x4
Super-sized 10mm diaphragm with super high-flux neodymium magnets
High-precision CNC-sculpted aerospace-grade aluminum chassis
Electronics crossovers - reference-class tuning
Anatomical fit for optimal comfort and wearing comfort

Finest aerospace-grade aluminum

Acoustically-tuned chamber for unsurpassed clarity and extension
Every TRN V90's shell is milled from aerospace-grade aluminum using a five-axis CNC machine. The entire process requires 21 diamond router bits, operated by highly-trained craftsmen, and finally hand-finished to perfection.

Reference-class monitor for unmatched performance

TRN V90 is equipped with 8 balanced armature + 2 dynamic drivers harmoniously completing each other to give exceptional detail, organic tonality, and dynamics.
TRN V90 Two earphones on black background

Advantage of hybrid driver technology

TRN V90 gives a balanced sound signature with impeccable micro-detailing that provides unrivaled realism all across the wide frequency range.
TRN V90 Frequency response
* Please note: TRN derives its data in a highly controlled laboratory testing environment. The user's experience may vary in actual use.

Customized 10mm dynamic drivers

The large diamond-graphite diaphragm achieves low distortion that brings out minute details in the bass without sacrificing body and transient attack. The large diamond-graphite diaphragm achieves low distortion that brings out minute details in the bass without sacrificing body and transient attack. It is enough to excite even the most demanding audiophiles.
Dynamic driver

Forging a sonic masterpiece

Reference-tuning TRN V90 with 1DD + 4BAs presents soaring highs, engaging midrange, and impactful bass, a high-frequency extension that makes cymbals sparkle and expands past your listening horizon. The midrange is fully resolved and uncolored. And the bass is extended and balanced, rich in texture, and well defined.
Two 50060 balanced armature drivers  and two 30019 balanced armature drivers
Two 50060 balanced armature drivers control the midrange frequencies with a holographic presentation that is fully resolved and uncolored.
Assigned for the treble are two 30019 balanced armature drivers that give soaring highs with intimate detail retrieval without sibilance or fatigue.
A balanced sound signature with impeccable micro-detailing provides unrivaled realism across the wide frequency range, from 7 Hz to 40 kHz.

Masterfully-tuned electronic crossovers

Our hand-tuned, highly advanced crossover brings remarkably high stereo separation and smooth phase response, leading to more dynamic, realistic imaging and staging for casual and studio use.
TRN V90 Electronic crossovers scheme
Electronics crossover

Pressure-regulating vent

Unique to TRN V90, airflow control helps equalize internal chamber pressure through a specially-designed vent in front of driver assembly provides ease of driving with any portable device.
TRN V90 Airflow control scheme

Different colors for the different YOU

Two inspiring colors to choose from to suit your mood and lifestyle.
TRN V90 Midnight and black earphones
TRN V90 Two black earphonesTRN V90 Two blue earphones

Over-the-ear design

Over-the-ear wearing brings comfortable fit, good seal, noise-isolation, and reduced microphonics.
TRN V90 Design scheme

Detachable Cable For Easy Upgrade

0.75mm 2 pin-type sockets allow quick cable swap to suit your listening preferences and needs.
TRN V90 Detachable Cable
Bluetooth module
Bluetooth module***
Wired to wireless in a jiffy
Silver-plated OFC cable
Silver-plated OFC cable***
Overall sound quality improvement
***Both silver-plated cable and Bluetooth module are sold separately.

Highest purity Oxygen-Free Copper braided cable

TRN V90 uses 0.75mm 2-pin connectors for seamless integration from wired to wireless playback and versatility for cable upgrades or replacement.
Oxygen-Free Copper braided cable

Our 3.5mm plug is finely crafted and gold-plated for best connectivity and durability

Convenience at your fingertips. TRN V90 is compatible with many mobile devices and audio equipment in the market today.
TRN V90 3.5mm gold-plated plug


Product model
Transducer type
Dual-driver hybrid in-ear monitor
Jack type
Connector type
Black / Midnight
Frequency response
Cable length
Actual product specifications may vary, and all features, functionality, and other product specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

Contents & Packaging

TRN V90 Size scheme
TRN V90 earphones x 1 pair (in-line remote is optional)
Braided cable x 1 piece
Silicone ear tips (S,M,L)
x 3 pairs
Users manual x 1

Attaching cable

TRN V90 cable choosing scheme
Match left, and right earpieces to the correct channel stated on the cable connectors.
TRN V90 cable reverse avoid scheme
DO NOT connect reverse.
TRN V90 how to plug in cable scheme
Plug cable connector to the earpiece.
TRN V90 how to remove cable scheme
Insert until the earpiece is secure. To remove, grab the earpiece and cable connector, pull straight.

How to properly fit an IEM

TRN V90 sketch
Identify the left and right earpieces.
How to put the TRN V90 cable on your ear
Bring hand overhead and grasp the top of the ear.
How to align the TRN V90 earbud in your ear
Pull the ear up and out to straighten the ear canal.
How to fix the TRN V90 earphone in your ear
Loop memory wire over-ear and insert earpiece into the ear canal.
How to check if the TRN V90 earbud is securely in your ear
Be sure to slide the ear tip far enough until it seals inside your ear.
The quality of sound and isolation depends on how well the ear tips seal. If lacking bass, check the tightness of the seal between ear tips and your ears or try other ear tip sizes.


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