Professional Hi-Fi Dynamic Earphones
The third generation 10mm dual magnetic driver
Circuit moving coil design
Metal sound mouth design
Resin inlaid metal process
Replaceable and upgradeable wires
TRN MT1 Pro Professional Hi-Fi Dynamic EarphonesTRN MT1 Pro Professional Hi-Fi Dynamic Earphones

More than just the appearance, the performance is stronger

Three colors are available. There is always a color that belongs to you. A good mood every day starts from the appearance.
TRN MT1 Pro Glass Green / Transparent White / Cool Black
Glass Green
Cool Black
Transparent White

The new upgrade, advanced performance

Dual magnetic circuit scheme
10mm dual magnetic circuit moving coil + 5μm silicon crystal composite biological diaphragm dynamic driver
TRN MT1 Pro has carefully developed a new dual-magnetic circuit moving coil. Compared with the original TRN MT1, a new magnetic circuit and magnetic flux increased 15%. The stronger magnetic field and more substantial magnetic flux make the energy of medium and low frequency more separated, impact, and have a better performance for the bass quality shock.
Metal accessories scheme
Adopt an advanced damascene process
The imported resin cavity is matched with bright metal accessories thanks to resin inlaid metal technology. The cavity and the metal cover are tightly bonded together, using resin inlay technology, it showing the excellent texture of TRN MT1 Pro.

The semi-open acoustic back cavity

A semi-open back cavity acoustic cavity is adopted to achieve the air pressure balance. The sound coming out is softer, lighter, airy, and the surrounding feeling is more comfortable. And it can also effectively relieve the pressure on the eardrum and easily enjoy the beauty brought by the sound.
TRN MT1 Pro Semi-open back cavity

Easy drive for mobile phone listen anytime, anywhere

TRN MT1 Pro can easily play from a mobile phone, and it can also have excellent professional-grade sound effects. It is not affected by heavy professional players, and you can listen to the pleasant sound quality at any time, adding color to a beautiful day.
TRN MT1 Pro next to smartphone

Data Proof Quality

Strength shows HiFi sound quality
Professional-grade tuning. Better sound quality. Every audio detail will bloom with flagship sound quality.
TRN MT1 Pro frequency response curve
Actual product specifications may vary, and all features, functionality, and other product specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

Ergonomically-designed for your ears

The external shell is shaped for long-wearing without fatigue or irritation. It is based on the human ears' forms. The secure, over-the-ear design ensures earphones stay in place for unmatched comfort and sound isolation.
TRN MT1 Pro in a man's ear

Gold-plated contact pins

Newly improved 2 Pin Type connectors
From reviews and customers feedback, it is known that the new and improved 2 Pin connectors can effectively protect the contact pins from accidental breakage, which gives longevity and better wearing stability to the users.
TRN MT1 Pro on smartphone


Product name
Transducer type
Hybrid In-Ear Monitors
Ear hook
Jack type
Connector type
2 Pin (S)
Frequency response
Cable length
Glass Green / Transparent White / Cool Black
Cool Black
no mic
TRN MT1 Pro Cool Black no mic
Cool Black
with mic
TRN MT1 Pro Cool Black with mic
White no mic
TRN MT1 Pro Transparent White no mic
White with mic
TRN MT1 Pro Transparent White with mic
Glass Green
no mic
TRN MT1 Pro Glass Green no mic
Glass Green
with mic
TRN MT1 Pro Glass Green with mic


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