Exceptionally Extraordinary
Aerospace-grade aluminum housing
9 drivers flagship hybrid in-ear monitor
10mm carbon nanotube (CNT) dual-magnet dynamic driver
TRN VX PRO 9 drivers flagship hybrid in-ear monitorTRN VX PRO 9 drivers flagship hybrid in-ear monitor
Technology Breakthrough

Breakthrough in 9 drivers hybrid technology

It took 2 years of thoroughly and painstakingly developed
Years of experience in acoustics engineering have been carefully accumulated for this monumental moment.
TRN VX Pro 10mm dynamic + 8 balanced armature drivers
A truly exceptional configuration
10mm dynamic + 8 balanced armature drivers.
TRN VX PRO Carbon nanotube diaphragm
Carbon nanotube diaphragm
For fuller, smoother, and more refined sound.
Precision five-axis CNC machining
Precision five-axis CNC machining
Aerospace-grade magnesium alloy for durability and beauty.
TRN VX PRO without cable
A perfect marriage of fine craftsmanship and aesthetics
Midnight and Moonshine to choose from.
TRN VX PRO without ear tip
Better by design - Ergonomically
Wear it with comfort and fit in mind.
TRN VX PRO next to cable
4-core silver-plated copper cable
Get richer, more balanced, and transparent sound.
The latest flagship from V-series

The latest flagship from V-series

For a brand new, exhilarating experience
TRN VX Pro flagship in-ear monitors with one 10mm carbon nanotube dynamic driver and eight highly customized balanced armature drivers - a total of 18 drivers working in harmony to satisfy your Hi-Fi fantasy!
TRN VX PRO scheme
10mm dual-magnet dynamic driver x1
With close to 1 Tesla of magnetic flux density, dual-magnet CNT driver delivers full, robust, and fast bass response with intense sub-bass extension.
Customed 30095 balanced armature x4
It provides a crystal-clear high-frequency response without harshness or listening fatigue.
Customed 50060 balanced armature x4
It presents a midrange response that is full-bodied, silky, and natural with an accurate timbre.
Carbon nanotube (CNT) diaphragm

Highly-advance polymer material

Carbon nanotube (CNT) diaphragm
TRN VX Pro utilizes an advanced carbon nanotube diaphragm with high rigidity and elasticity. This unique material delivers deep, impactful bass with fast transients. Incorporates dual magnet system which significantly improves drivability, without the need of a high-powered source.
TRN VX PRO diaphragm
High-precision acoustical housing

High-precision acoustical housing

Aerospace-grade aluminum chassis milled to perfection
Every shell is milled from aerospace-grade magnesium alloy using a five-axis CNC machine. The entire process requires 21 diamond router bits, operated by highly-trained craftsmen, and finally hand-finished to perfection.
Five-axis CNC machine
A marriage of exquisite craftmanship and alluring aesthetics

A marriage of exquisite craftmanship and alluring aesthetics

TRN VX Pro's elegant yet straightforward housing adopts a unique profile shaped according to the contour of a human auricle for utmost stability, comfort, and sound isolation. Our master craftsman ensures nothing goes amiss as if he is creating a piece of fine jewelry.
TRN VX PRO Moonshine silver and Midnight blue
Moonshine silver
Midnight blue
Ergonomic design


Pure comfort and seamless fit
The fact is that the comfier the earphone, the better the listening experience. Serious audiophiles will spend hours on end engaged in their music. We soften all edges around the earpiece to embrace the natural curves from one's ear and fit perfectly.
TRN VX PRO side view
Antihelix support
Concha conformation
The new audio benchmark

9 hybrid drivers

The new audio benchmark
9 balanced armatures + 1 dynamic driver with precision 3-way crossover network. It's bringing uncompromised sound quality to you!
TRN VX PRO frequency response
*The above data is from TRN Acoustic Laboratory Test. Actual use may be slightly different.
Comfortable to wear

Secure and stable ear hooks

The light-weight ear hooks are ergonomically designed to sit comfortably around the helix of the ears for long listening sessions while securely hold the earphones in place even with vigorous movement.
TRN VX PRO in ear
Attention to detail set your worries free

Standard audiophile-grade cable

Attention to detail set your worries free
Fully accessorized for your convenience: 4-core silver-plate cable, Aluminum storage case, High-Frequency ear tip 3 pairs (SML) + Bass ear tip 3 pairs (SML) + Memory foam ear tip 1 pair, 6.5mm adapter.
TRN STM with color-coded tuning nozzles
Maximum playability and versatility

Maximum playability and versatility

TRN provides a wide selection of interchangeable cable and Bluetooth wireless solutions that cater to your every need.

* Note: Pure silver cable and Bluetooth module sold separately. Please get in touch with the retailer for details.
TRN VX Pro is connected to TRN T3 pure silver upgrade cable
TRN VX Pro is connected to TRN T3 pure silver upgrade cable.
TRN VX Pro is connected to TRN BT30 Bluetooth modules
TRN VX Pro is connected to TRN BT30 Bluetooth modules.


Product name
Ear hook
Transducer type
Hybrid In-Ear Monitors
Frequency response
Jack type
Connector type
Weight with cable
Cable length
Midnight blue, Moonshine silver


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