True Wireless Hybrid Bluetooth Earphone
1BA + 1DD configuration
Bluetooth 5.0
Approximately 18 hours playback
Water and sweatproof
TRN BT1 True Wireless Hybrid Bluetooth EarphoneTRN BT1 True Wireless Hybrid Bluetooth Earphone
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True wireless that exemplifies true fidelity

Touch control
Weightless comfort
Low latency
Voice assistant
Type-C charging port
Water and sweatproof

Bluetooth 5.0 technology

For fast and stable connectivity
TRN BT1 uses robust Bluetooth 5.0 technology with 2MB/s high-responsive transmission speed. Music, games, movies, and making calls are fast, stable, and reliable.
TRN BT1 Bluetooth 5.0

Audiophile-grade hybrid drivers

Achieves sonic perfection
Dynamic + balanced armature dual hybrid driver configuration defies conventional TWS Bluetooth earphones with powerful bass, crystal-clear treble, breathtaking soundstage, and image separation. TRN BT1 uses AAC high-definition codec that brings phenomenal sound quality to your sonic oasis.
TRN BT1 scheme
Midrange woofer dynamic driver
Customed balanced armature tweeter

Low latency performance

For wide-variety of mobile games
TRN BT1 high-definition audio with the fast and dependable performance of Bluetooth 5.0. Stutters, lags, and hangs will become a thing of the past!
TRN BT1 next to smartphone

No sweat, Have fun!

Waterproof up to IPX5 rating effectively protects the TRN BT1 earphone from moisture and water damage. Impenetrable to sweat, sea spray, and rain.
TRN BT1 in water

Play music non-stop

18 hours continuous playback
Long standby and compact charging case let you enjoy music anytime, anywhere, all day long.
*Battery life varies with playback volume and audio content.
TRN BT1 in charging case
Long playback
With charging case
Standby time
Earpiece battery capacity
Charging case battery capacity

Freedom of choice

Alternate between using one or both earbuds
You can choose to utilize either one or both earpieces.
TRN BT1 on smartphone
Binaural mode
Two earbuds connected to one device. Use both earbuds for movies and music.
Monoaural mode
Can be use independently for different devices. Use individual earbuds for different content.

Easy on and off

Auto pairing
Remove from charging case turns on both earpieces. Just return to the case to turn it off. Automatically pairs to your last device when powered on.
TRN BT1 in hand

Freedom to control

With just a touch
Simple yet responsive touch control.
TRN BT1 earbud close
Play / Pause
Press either button 2 times.
Press the right button for 1s to advance.
Press the left button for 1s to revert.
Reject call
Long-press either button for 2s.
Turn on voice assistant
Press either button 3 times.
Receive call / End call
Press either button 2 times.

Comfortable and featherweight

As light as an A4 size paper
Lightweight earphone. Each earbud weighs around 5 grams. It is small in size but big in performance.
TRN BT1 in a man's ear


Product name
Earphone configuration
1BA + 1DD
Bluetooth version
Audio codec
Effective range
Standby time
Approx. 3h per earbud + 15h charging case
Earbud weight
Case weight
Earbud battery
30mAh per earbud
Case battery
Charging port

Contents & Packaging

TRN BT1 earphone size
TRN BT1 TWS 1BA+1DD Bluetooth Earphone x 1 pair
TRN BT1 charger case pic
Charging box x 1
TRN BT1 manual pic
Manual x 1
TRN BT1 ear tips pic
Ear tips (Large, medium, small x 3
TRN BT1 cable pic
Type-C charging cable x 1
TRN BT1 next to charger caseTRN BT1 with charger case on a paper
Actual product specifications may vary, and all features, functionality, and other product specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.


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