High-performance DLC diamond diaphragm dynamic in-ear earphones
10mm dual magnetic circuit DLC (diamond-like) composite diaphragm dynamic driver
Three interchangeable tuning nozzle filters
Liquid metal cavity design
TRN ConchTRN Conch
DLC diamond diaphragm
10mm dual-circuit dynamic driver
Three interchangeable nozzle filters
Liquid metal
Hi-Fi tuning
Detachable cable design

Pure sound quality from the ocean

In this fast-paced era, we hope to give you a moment of relaxation, peace that belongs to you, and an opportunity to be alone in the world. TRN Conch, like a guardian spirit, takes you into the ocean of music. Feel the ripples of sound, the ups and downs of every note, and let every listening become a moment of you and the world alone.
TRN Conch Left earphone

High-power driver with powerful dual-circuit

TRN Conch is equipped with a dual-circuit design to optimize magnetic flow, ensuring the magnetic and thermal stability of the driver unit under high load, thereby reducing harmonic distortion, improving the resolution and clarity of the sound, and at the same time, providing the sounding unit with a more abundant and powerful driving force, making the music more realistic and stereoscopic, providing a purer listening experience for music lovers.
TRN Conch High-power driver with powerful dual-circuit

Good diaphragm, good sound

DLC diamond composite diaphragm
To achieve better sound quality, the TRN Conch uses a DLC diamond composite diaphragm. This diaphragm combines a high-resistance substrate with a nano-thin layer of DLC amorphous carbon. The resulting diaphragm has excellent electroacoustic performance, which effectively reduces the splitting vibration of the loudspeaker diaphragm, reduces audio distortion, and improves the extension and resolution of high frequencies. The result is a purer sound quality.
DLC diamond composite diaphragm

Multifaceted audio

Interchangeable tuning nozzle filters
TRN Conch comes with three interchangeable nozzle filters that can be used to change the sound style. The filter inner diameter size and filter net are different, which strengthens different audio areas.
TRN Conch with interchangeable tuning nozzle filters
Black sealing ring
Blue sealing ring
Red sealing ring
TRN Conch Frequency response
*The above data is from the TRN Acoustic Laboratory Test. Actual use may be slightly different.

Immersive sound world

Optimized delicate sound cavity structure
To achieve better sound quality and soundstage reproduction, we have carefully optimized the sound cavity of the earphone.The ingenious design of the sound cavity structure and volume, in combination with the acoustically stable liquid metal outer cavity, controls the reflection of excess noise. The air holes in the front cavity bring in more air volume while finely controlling the airflow in conjunction with the high-performance DLC diamond diaphragm dynamic unit to output pure and natural sound.
TRN Conch Sound cavity structure

Liquid metal cavity

Precisely engineered design
The outer appearance adopts a liquid metal cavity design, processed through multiple complex procedures. It has not only a high-strength and durable body but also a finely uneven surface in the cavity that can effectively print standing waves, providing a purer sound. In addition, the mirror electroplating process is simple but not lacking a sense of modernity. It not only has excellent durability but also has the temperament of a work of art, enjoying a high-quality aesthetic experience.
TRN Conch Liquid metal cavity

Stable ear-hook design

Lightweight wearing experience and extraordinary texture
The "conch" shape optimizes the contact area between the earphone cavity and the skin of the ear canal. The ear-hook design fits more closely to the shape of the ear canal and provides more stable support when worn. It is comfortable to wear for a long time, and you can listen to Hi-Fi sound with peace of mind.
TRN Conch in the ear

Standard audiophile-grade cable with swappable connectors

Gold-plated 2Pin connectors
TRN Conch adopts a 4-core silver-plated copper wounded and oxygen-free copper braided cable. Such configuration has the advantages of both silver-plated copper and oxygen-free copper. It effectively gives fullness to the sound. Resolution is greatly enhanced, extracting fine details with unsurpassed clarity.

* Includes 3.5/2.5/4.4mm connectors
TRN Conch with detached cable

Rich accessories

Immersive gaming experience
4-core silver-plated copper wounded and oxygen-free copper braided cable
Aluminum storage case
7 pairs of different types and sizes of earplug sleeves:
T-set *3 (SML), Balanced *3 (SML), Memory foam ear tips *1 (M)
3 pairs of tuning nozzles (Transparent + Reference + Atmospheric)
Includes 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.4mm connectors
TRN Conch What's in the box


Product model
TRN Conch
Transducer type
Dynamic Drivers Monitors
Frequency response
Connector type
Jack type
2.4mm, 3.5mm, 4.4mm
Ear hook
7.8g+10g (Earphone+Cable)
Cable length
TRN Conch with cable


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