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Quad hybrid drivers high-fidelity in-ear monitor
Integrated electronics crossover
Concentric dynamic drivers
Dual balanced armature drivers
Detachable braided cable
TRN V10 Quad hybrid drivers high-fidelity in-ear monitorTRN V10 Quad hybrid drivers high-fidelity in-ear monitor
11 mm + 6mm concentric dynamic drivers
Seamless audio
Rich in details

Dual 30095-type balanced armature drivers

TRN V10 uses two 30095-type balanced armature (BA) drivers to achieve coherent, crystal-clear, and spacious treble, giving the most natural sound you have ever experienced.
TRN V10 Dual 30095-type balanced armature drivers
Dual 30095-type
BA drivers

A legend in the making

The TRN V-series are tuned based on the latest acoustic engineering and psychological research. We aimed for a product line where our earphones are undoubtedly chosen to be referred to as standards for years to come.
TRN V10 Earphone and scheme on black background
Ergonomically designed
High fidelity
Running / jogging
At the gym

Painstakingly tuned for perfection

When TRN engineers were given the daunting task of "voice" the new IEM, it had to appeal to the most demanding audiophiles and music lovers. Several prototypes were made. Our engineers, tuners, and beta-testers would decide on one that suits a broad music genre and listening preferences.Thus, the TRN V10 was born!
TRN V10 Sensitivity diagram
sensitivity in dB
*The above data is from TRN Acoustic Laboratory Test. Actual use may be slightly different.

It's a material world

Polycarbonate (PC) is a hard material that is smooth to touch, glossy and clear. PC is said to be more durable than conventional hard-plastic commonly used in cheaper lEMs. It provides robust housing for the delicate drivers and electronics components inside.
TRN V10 Art with two earphones on black background

Hearing is believing!

Unique to TRN, the concentric dynamic driver gives dynamic, clear, punchy bass, sweet-sounding, and natural midrange. Balanced armature driver provides spacious, crisp, detailed, yet comfortable treble.
TRN V10 earphone scheme
Integrated electronic crossover
0.75mm 2-pin socket
PC rear shell
11mm + 6mm concentric dynamic drivers
PC front shell
Dual 30095-type balanced armature driver

Custom-made concentric dynamic driver with unprecedented power and dynamics

Customized super high-flux neodymium magnet, voice coils, and diaphragms are built into a single unit for your optimum listening pleasure and contentment.
TRN V10 dynamic driver scheme
11mm woofer section
6mm midrange section
Aluminum rear housing
Bio-cellulose diaphragm
Polymer diaphragm
Aluminum front housing

We love tests... Literally!

TRN engineers love tests. Every batch of IEM undergoes a rigorous 16-step ISO-standard testing procedure to ensure our products work perfectly out of the box.
Drop test
Tensile test
Swing test
High and low-temperature test
Material recyclability test
Salt spray test
Insertion test
Button test
Shock test
Frequency response test
Impedance test
Electrostatic test
Sound test
Rotation test
Balance test
High SPL test

As good as tailor-made

TRN V10 features specially designed housings that provide excellent isolation, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit wherever your music goes.
TRN V10 Earphone in the ear

Are two pins are better than one?

MMCX or 0.75mm 2-pins? TRN engineers were torn between these two popular connectors but decided to adopt the latter due to better connectivity and long-term durability.
TRN V10 Scheme of the pin connection
2-pin connector

An expanding range of accessories to fit your lifestyle and listening habits

With TRN wireless Bluetooth module
Man wears TRN V10 connected to TRN wireless bluetooth module
With TRN silver-plated copper cable
Man wears TRN V10 connected to TRN silver-plated copper cable
Please note: Both Bluetooth modules and silver-plated cable are sold separately. Photos for illustration purposes only.
TRN V10 clear color
TRN V10 glossy black color
Glossy black

4-cores cable

The stock cable consists of 4 cores, each with 56-strand oxygen-free copper reinforced with high-density 250D nylon fibers and woven into a PVC jacket for durability and flexibility.
56-strand OFC
PVC jacket
TRN V10 cable

Wide compatibility

Convenience at your fingertips. TRN V10 is compatible with both Apple iOS and Android devices.
Answer / End call
Play / Pause / Next track / Previous track
TRN V10 control

3.5mm audio jack

TRN V10 uses a standard 3.5mm TRS/TRRS jack for maximum compatibility with all music devices.
Mobile (iOS, Android)
Tablet (iOS, Android, Windows)
Notebook (macOS, Windows, Linux, Chrome)
Desktop (macOS, Windows, Linux, Chrome)


Detachable cable
Ergonomically-designed earpieces
Flexible memory wire
Integrated electronic crossover
Noise isolation
Braided OFC cable
* Actual product specifications may vary, and all features, functionality, and other product specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.
Product model
Quad driver hybrid in-ear monitor
Frequency response
Available colors
Clear / Glossy black
Connector type
Jack type
3.5mm (TRS/TRRS)
Cable length
A man uses a glossy black TRN V10 earphone with a black cableA man uses a glossy black TRN V10 earphoneA man uses a clear TRN V10 earphone with a silver cableA man uses a black TRN V10 earphone with a wireless Bluetooth moduleA man uses a clear TRN V10 earphone with a wireless Bluetooth module

Attaching cable

TRN V10 cable choosing scheme
Match left, and right earpieces to the correct channel stated on the cable connectors.
TRN V10 cable reverse avoid scheme
DO NOT connect reverse.
TRN V10 how to plug in cable scheme
Plug cable connector to the earpiece.
TRN V10 how to remove cable scheme
Insert until the earpiece is secure. To remove, grab the earpiece and cable connector, pull straight.

How to properly fit an IEM

TRN V10 sketch
Identify the left and right earpieces.
How to put the TRN V10 cable on your ear
Bring hand overhead and grasp the top of the ear.
How to align the TRN V10 earbud in your ear
Pull the ear up and out to straighten the ear canal.
How to fix the TRN V10 earphone in your ear
Loop memory wire over-ear and insert earpiece into the ear canal.
How to check if the TRN V10 earbud is securely in your ear
Be sure to slide the ear tip far enough until it seals inside your ear.
The quality of sound and isolation depends on how well the ear tips seal. If lacking bass, check the tightness of the seal between ear tips and your ears or try other ear tip sizes.


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