Renovated dual dynamic drivers
All-around performance improvement
New Upgrading High-Performance Dual Dynamic Hi-Fi Earphones
10mm DLC Diamond-like Carbon Diaphragm Unit
6mm Titanium-plated Diaphragm Dynamic Unit
Liquid Metal + Resin Shell Design
Standard Four-Strand Silver-Plated Cable
* Please note: Photos for illustration purposes only. Actual products may vary in appearance or specification.

New upgrading

For outstanding sound quality
New Upgrading
All-around performance improvement and professional Hi-Fi tuning
Dynamic driver upgrade
Upgraded 10mm dual-chamber DLC dynamic driver
Upgraded diaphragm
10mm diamond-like carbon diaphragm + 6mm titanium-plated diaphragm
Enhanced appearance
Liquid metal + resin bonding shell
Sound quality upgrade
A more transparent and clear sound that preserves the original quality
Shell upgrade
Sound distortion and resonance are reduced to deliver pure audio

Carefully designed

For a truly immersive listening experience
The TRN MT4 Pro is an upgraded version of the TRN MT4. The dynamic driver and cavity were also further optimized. Whether soft folk, powerful rock, or dynamic pop, the TRN MT4 Pro delivers delicate, clear, layered sound performance.
TRN MT4 Pro Schema

Dual-driver structure

Restoring the true sound
TRN MT4 Pro has also made key improvements in upgrade and optimization. It uses two different dynamic drivers, which provide excellent sound characteristics. The 10mm DLC diamond-like carbon diaphragm dual-chamber dynamic driver has a high hardness and rigidity, which can provide excellent audio transmission.

At the same time, the dual-chamber design can more accurately control the air pressure to make the diaphragm movement smoother, the sound field more grand, and the sound details richer. The 6mm titanium-plated diaphragm dynamic driver has high rigidity and lightweight characteristics, which can provide more accurate and precise audio output. This dynamic driver has high sensitivity and wide frequency response, which can quickly and sensitively respond to audio signals and present accurate and delicate sound details.

Combining these dynamic drivers can provide excellent sound characteristics such as high resolution, rich low-frequency response, accurate details, and wide-frequency response, allowing you to feel the realism and purity of music deeply.
TRN MT4 Pro Dynamic Drivers

Optimized sound chamber

For a more immersive sound experience
To achieve a better reproduction of sound and sound field, we have carefully optimized the sound chamber of the TRN MT4 Pro. The ingenious design of the sound chamber structure and volume ensures the accurate propagation of audio waves, making them more clear and accurate. This optimization allows the headphones to exhibit outstanding performance in terms of frequency response and phase response. The professional design of the cavity makes the low-frequency sound richer and fuller and the high-frequency sound more accurate and delicate. The sound field performance of the headphones has also been greatly improved, allowing you to feel a wider, more three-dimensional, and realistic music space.
TRN MT4 Pro Inside

The beauty of design

Showing personality and fashion
The TRN MT4 Pro earphones are available in three colors: flowing silver, dream blue, and night black, offering a visual feast. The flowing silver exterior is like a star in the galaxy, adding a touch of nobility and elegance to the earphones.

The dream blue color gives a mysterious and dreamy feeling as if you are immersed in the fairyland of the fairy tale world.

The night black brings a sense of dignity and mystery, No matterwhich color you choose, you can turn the earphones into a personal expression, highlighting your unique style.
TRN MT4 Pro Three colors

Interpreting popular vocals

Enjoying excellent sound quality
To further improve the sound quality of TRN MT4 Pro, upgrading and tuning based on TRN MT4. After repeated listening tests and optimizations, the sound has achieved a wider sound field, more accurate sound positioning, and richer sound performance.
TRN MT4 Pro next to mp3 playerTRN MT4 Pro Frequency response curve
The above data is measured in the TRN Acoustic Laboratory. Actual use may be slightly different.

The collision of metal and resin as an artistic expression

The TRN MT4 Pro earphones faceplate is made of high-density liquid metal and clear imported resin to provide better noise isolation and purer audio transmission. It also offers a more elegant and comfortable wearing experience.
TRN MT4 Pro Front and side view


Standard Four-Strand Silver-Plated Cable
7 different ear tips are included  in the box:
T-tips (SML) + Bass tips (SML) + Memory foam ear tips (M)
TRN MT4 Pro What's in the box


Product model
Earphone topography
Dynamic Drivers Monitors
Frequency response
Jack type
Connector type
Cable length
Ear hook
Flowing silver, Dream blue, Night black
~7.3g+10g earpiece+cable
Actual product specifications may vary, and all features, functionality, and other specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.
Dream blue, No mic
TRN MT4 Pro Dream blue No mic
Dream blue, Mic
TRN MT4 Pro Dream blue Mic
Night black, No mic
TRN MT4 Pro Night black No mic
Night black, Mic
TRN MT4 Pro Night black Mic
Flowing silver, No mic
TRN MT4 Pro Flowing silver No mic
Flowing silver, Mic
TRN MT4 Pro Flowing silver Mic


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