Tunable Hi-Fi Hybrid In-Ear Monitor
3-position DIP switches I 4 tuning styles
Custom balanced armature
4th generation 10mm dual magnet dynamic driver
Semi-open back air vent design
Magnesium alloy and resin shell
TRN ST1 Pro Hybrid in-ear monitorsTRN ST1 Pro Hybrid in-ear monitors
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A Classic Re-make

Exceptional soundstage and tonality
A completely overhauled and upgraded TRN ST1!
TRN ST1 Pro has a 4th generation dual magnet dynamic driver and custom 30095 balanced armature driver. This dynamic dual magnet driver greatly enhances bass response and treble extension, leaving you amazed by the richness of instruments and natural details emerging from your music collection!
TRN ST1 Pro schema
Custom balanced armature
3-position DIP switch
4th generation 10mm dual dynamic driver

3 switch positions

4 tuning styles
To meet users' needs with different listening styles, the TRN ST1 Pro uses electronic crossover technology to design a three-position tuning switch that enables four tuning styles to be switched to meet the needs of different listening sensations and scenarios.
TRN ST1 Pro DIP switch
Tuning switches
Note: Please use the tuning pick included to adjust the tuning switches. Do not use sharp objects, which may damage the tuning switches permanently.
Submersing bass
(Bass-enhanced mode)
Midrange and high frequencies are reduced when the bass-enhanced mode is enabled. Low-frequency rumble and impact improve.
Expansive treble
(Treble-enhanced mode)
Low frequency is suppressed when a treble-enhanced mode is enabled. This is suitable for those who pursue high-resolution and exceptional treble extension.
Balanced tuning is suitable for most music styles.
Bass is emphasized, but overall tuning is still pleasing to the ears.
TRN ST1 Pro Frequency response

The 4th generation dual magnet dynamic driver

Arouses and excites your auditory senses
The 4th generation 10mm dual magnet dynamic driver is specially developed to perform better than previous generations. A strong N52 magnet, together with a nanotech composite diaphragm, gives excellent resolution, a balanced across frequencyspectrum and precise stereo imaging.
The 4th generation dual magnet dynamic driver

Superior performance

Custom balanced armature
TRN's custom balanced armature is exceptionally clean and resolving, which gives a transparent overall sound quality. TRN ST1 Pro can achieve exceptional resolution and tonal accuracy without harshness.
30095 custom balanced armature

Three distinctive colors to choose

You are spoiled with choices
Cannot decide? No problem. We offer 3 eye-catching colors - clear, black, and green for your ultimate fancy.
TRN ST1 Pro in three colors

Live before your very eyes

Semi-open back air vent design
TRN ST1 Pro adopts a semi-open back design, which helps to achieve air pressure balance within the inner acoustics chamber, effectively relieving pressure on the eardrum. This allows full music enjoyment without discomfort. In addition, this unique design gives a livelier and airier sound to your favorite music.
TRN ST1 Pro Semi-open back design

Compatible with most mobile devices

Enjoy music anytime, anywhere!
Do you not own a digital audio player? Fret not! The easy-to-drive TRN ST1 Pro can be powered directly by any mobile device with 3.5mm stereo output without compromising Hi-Fi sound quality. Enjoy good music anytime, anywhere!
TRN ST1 Pro next to smartphone

With audiophile-grade 4-core silver plated cable

TRN ST1 Pro comes with audiophile graded 4 core silver plated cable. This premium cable ensures superior sound quality, delivering a fine, full-bodied, well-rounded sound with exceptional resolution.
4-core silver plated cable2Pin connectors and jack

Newly improved 2 Pin Type connector

Gold-plated contact pins
From reviews and customers feedback, it is known that the new and improved 2 Pin connectors can effectively protect the contact pins from accidental breakage, which gives longevity and better wearing stability to the users.
TRN ST1 Pro 2Pin connector

Ergonomically designed for your ears

Based on the human ears, the external shell is shaped for long-wearing without fatigue or irritation. The secure, over-the-ear design ensures earphones stay in place for unmatched comfort and sound isolation.
TRN ST1 Pro in the ear


Product model
Earphone topography
Hybrid In-Ear Monitors
Frequency response
Connector type
Jack type
Ear hook
4.7g+12g (earpiece+cable)
Clear / Black / Green
Cable length
Actual product specifications may vary, and all features, functionality, and other specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.
TRN ST1 Pro Black
TRN ST1 Pro Black
TRN ST1 Pro Black
With Mic
TRN ST1 Pro Black with Mic
TRN ST1 Pro Green
TRN ST1 Pro Green
TRN ST1 Pro Green
With Mic
TRN ST1 Pro Green with Mic
TRN ST1 Pro Clear
TRN ST1 Pro Clear
TRN ST1 Pro Clear
With Mic
TRN ST1 Pro Clear with Mic


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