2DD+5BA Hybrid Earphones
2DD+5BA Hybrid acoustic architecture
10+6mm coaxial dual moving coil
High frequency + Ultra high frequency 5BA combination
Professional Hi-Fi tuning
Ergonomic wearing design
TRN ST7 Hybrid Technology EarphoneTRN ST7 Hybrid Technology Earphone
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10mm LCP diaphragm
6mm composite diaphragm
Coaxial double dynamic coil
50060 medium- and high-frequency BA unit x2
30095 high-frequency BA unit x2
30019 high frequency BA unit x1
Professional Hi-Fi tuning
Semi-transparent PC case
Newly improved 2 Pin connector

2DD+5BA Hybrid acoustic architecture

Enrich the voice with more details
We have used a new dual-moving coil + five Balanced Armature architecture on the TRN ST7 to achieve more detailed performance. Employing a coaxial dual-moving coil, with the moving coil unit responsible for mid-bass and bass and the five Balanced Armature units working together to handle high frequencies and mid-high frequencies, the excellent connection between the two allows us to capture richer and more nuanced details and achieve a comprehensive improvement in high-quality detail resolution, delivering a richer and more complete sound performance.
TRN ST7 Hybrid acoustic architecture

Coaxial dual-moving coil unit design

Delicate sound quality, pure listening experience
The TRN ST7 employs a 10mm + 6mm coaxial dual-moving coil design. The advantage lies in the 10mm LCP low-frequency diaphragm, which can provide a deeper low-frequency response, enabling the audio to perform exceptionally in the low-frequency range. Simultaneously, the 6mm composite diaphragm can better handle the mid-low frequency portion, ensuring the clarity and high fidelity of mid-frequency content such as vocals. Whether it's the deep, resonant rumble of the bass or the detailed reproduction of the mid-high frequencies, both are rendered with greater precision, translating into a more realistic, clear, and dynamic audio experience. This allows you to immerse yourself in the emotions and power of the music.
TRN ST7 Coaxial dual-moving coil unit design

Transparent resolution

Custom high-frequency balanced armature unit combination
For the TRN ST7, we have meticulously crafted a combination of five Balanced Armature units. To achieve optimal resonance between the moving coil and Balanced Armature units, we have carefully tuned their resonance to naturally align with the resonance peak formed by the human ear's coupling. This not only ensures a smooth and seamless transition between the moving coil and Balanced Armature drivers but also allows for a more natural adaptation to the transition. Our acoustic engineers have strategically positioned two ultra-high-frequency Balanced Armature units closer to the sound outlet, minimizing reflections during high-frequency transmission and preserving the integrity of high-frequency details. This meticulous design delivers an exceptional listening experience, allowing you to precisely capture the moment a string is plucked and immerse yourself in a truly realistic soundscape.
TRN ST7 Balanced armature unit combination

Stunning Hi-Fi sound quality

Smooth and natural multi-driver tuning
The TRN ST7 employs a high-precision three-way crossover design that meticulously calculates the playback frequencies of each driver and rationally allocates the low, mid, and high-frequency ranges. This ensures a balanced and harmonious sound performance. The precise design and tuning result in a smooth and natural overall response, with a flat frequency response and exceptional reproduction capabilities. This versatility allows for enjoyable listening of a wide variety of musical genres.
TRN ST7 Black with cableTRN ST7 Graph
The above data is from the TRN Acoustic Laboratory Test. Actual use may be slightly different.

2-Pin detachable design

Enthusiast-grade cables for high-fidelity transmission versatile
TRN ST7 is standard with fever-grade four-strand silver plated wire and a delicate, full, round sound. It effectively improves sound fullness while enhancing frequency resolution, producing delicate and clear sound quality performance. TRN ST7 has an interchangeable design to meet the needs of different scenarios and bring diverse experiences.
TRN ST7 2Pin connector

Classic Black and White

Available in two colors for aesthetic appeal
To help you better choose your favorite color, we provide classic black and white so you can freely select outstanding sound quality and exceptional appearance.
TRN ST7 Black and white

Anatomic fit

The housing of TRN ST7 is designed based on thousands of ear imprints we have collected over the years to ensure a custom-like fit and enhance comfort and noise isolation.
TRN ST7 Ergonomic design

Comfortable and sturdy

Ergonomic ear wrap design
The cavity design of the earphones, calculated using a large amount of ear print data, makes the TRN ST7 more in line with the shape of the ear when worn. This allows you to fully enjoy zero-distance contact between your ears and focus on music in any scene.
TRN ST7 in the ear

Rich accessories

Immersive gaming experience
4 core silver plated cable
T-set ear tips *1 pair (M)
Balanced ear tips x3 pairs (SML)
TRN ST7 What's in the box


Product model:
Transducer type:
Hybrid In-Ear Monitors
Frequency response:
Jack type:
Connector type:
Cable length:
~4.9g+10g (earphone + cable)
Actual product specifications may vary, and all features, functionality, and other specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.
TRN ST7 Black
TRN ST7 Black
TRN ST7 White
TRN ST7 White
TRN ST7 Black with MIC
TRN ST7 Black with MIC
TRN ST7 White with MIC
TRN ST7 White with MIC
TRN ST7 Black Type-C
TRN ST7 Black Type-C
TRN ST7 White Type-C
TRN ST7 White Type-C


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