Pristine, Refined Audio Perfection
Advanced DLP 3D printing technology
Detachable cable
Optimum comfort
TRN H2 8mm Dynamic Driver In-Ear MonitorTRN H2 8mm Dynamic Driver In-Ear Monitor

Pioneering 3D Printing Technology

Using Sophisticated Manufacturing Process
TRN employs highly advanced DLP 3D industrial-grade printing technology with an accuracy of 25 microns. Compared to conventional injection molding or mold-cutting processes, DLP 3D printing allows utmost consistency and precision. TRN H2 earphones made with such a forging process not only look good but perform better too.
3D Printing Technology

Vat Polymerization Adopts Photopolymer Resin Cured Under A Light Source

TRN H2 is made from imported medical-grade photo-curing resin that is skin-friendly, durable, highly stable, and resists UV discoloration.
TRN H2 without cable

Equipped With 8mm Dynamic Driver

Increased driver sensitivity by 5-10% gives deeper, richer, more potent bass and luscious and velvety midrange.
8mm Dynamic Driver

Extraordinary High-Resolution

TRN H2 has a relaxed and balanced sound signature.
TRN H2 frequency response
* Please note: TRN derives its data in a highly controlled laboratory testing environment. The user’s experience may vary in actual use.

Translucent Shell

Satisfy your curiosity with its inner beauty.
TRN H2 close view

Aviation-Grade Aluminum Nozzle

Aerospace alloy concentrates sound energy, increases sound density which effectively reduces high-frequency glare.
Aviation-Grade Aluminum Nozzle

2 Pins Are Better Than 1

MMCX or 0.75mm 2-pins? TRN engineers were torn between these two popular connectors but decided to adopt the latter due to better connectivity and long-term durability.
TRN 2 pin cable connector
The stock cable consists of 4 cores, each with 56-strand oxygen-free copper reinforced with high-density 250D nylon fibers and braided into a PVC jacket for durability and flexibility.
TRN 56-strand OFC cable
PVC jacket
56-strand OFC
Convenience at your fingertips. TRN H2 is compatible with many mobile devices and audio equipment in the market today.
TRN one button cable
Phone: Answer / End call
Music: Play / Pause / Next track / Previous track


Product model
Transducer type
8mm Dynamic Driver
Frequency response
Connector type
Jack type
Cable length

Contents & Packaging

TRN H2 earphone size
TRN H2 Earphone x 1 pair
Braided cable x 1 piece
Silicone ear tips (S,M,L) x 3 pairs
User guide x 1
Actual product specifications may vary, and all features, functionality, and other product specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.
Close up of TRN H2 earphone with cableClose up of TRN H2 earphone without cable

Attaching cable

TRN H2 cable choosing scheme
Match left, and right earpieces to the correct channel stated on the cable connectors.
TRN H2 cable reverse avoid scheme
DO NOT connect reverse.
TRN H2 how to plug in cable scheme
Plug cable connector to the earpiece.
TRN H2 how to remove cable scheme
Insert until the earpiece is secure. To remove, grab the earpiece and cable connector, pull straight.

How to properly fit an IEM

TRN H2 sketch
Identify the left and right earpieces.
How to put the TRN H2 cable on your ear
Bring hand overhead and grasp the top of the ear.
How to align the TRN H2 earbud in your ear
Pull the ear up and out to straighten the ear canal.
How to fix the TRN H2 earphone in your ear
Loop memory wire over-ear and insert earpiece into the ear canal.
How to check if the TRN H2 earbud is securely in your ear
Be sure to slide the ear tip far enough until it seals inside your ear.
The quality of sound and isolation depends on how well the ear tips seal. If lacking bass, check the tightness of the seal between ear tips and your ears or try other ear tip sizes.


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