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Five-Unit Flagship 2BA+1DD+2EST Hybrid In-Ear Earphones
Three-position switch with six tuning modes
Sonion electrostatic driver unit
Two Knowles balanced armature units
Fourth-generation dual-magnet beryllium diaphragm dynamic unit

Strive for perfection, upgrade performance

Sonion electrostatic driver unit
Knowles 29689 Mid-frequency BA driver
Knowles 33518 High-frequency BA driver
Three-stage tuning switch, six sound styles
Fourth-generation dual-magnet beryllium diaphragm dynamic unit
CNC machining aluminum-magnesium alloy cavity
Eight-strand single crystal copper detachable cable
Interchangeable audio plugs 3.5/2.5/4.4mm
2Pin type connectors contact pins

Focus on innovation, pursue quality

In pursuit of a higher quality music experience, TRN BAX Pro has once again innovated on its existing foundation to develop an upgraded tunable dynamic and electrostatic hybrid in-ear earphone. TRN BAX Pro features upgraded electrostatic, dynamic, and balanced armature units, as well as a tunable design. The upgraded high-frequency unit adopts Knowles dual balanced armature units, which improves sound clarity and dynamic range and enhances the overall sound quality of the earphone. It also improves the sound range and efficiency of the earphone itself.
The better performance brings you a better listening experience.
TRN BAX Pro without cable
TRN BAX Pro Inside structure

Sonion electrostatic unit

Electrostatic speaker driver with passive damping
Imported electrostatic units have a wider frequency response range and higher sound quality. The two electrostatic units can better capture and restore high-frequency signals, providing a clearer and more delicate audio experience. Excellent high frequency is its strong point. The pure sound is attractive, opening up a new world of hearing for you.
Sonion electrostatic unit

10 mm dual-magnet beryllium diaphragm dynamic unit

The music of bells and drums touches the heart and moves the ears
TRN BAX Pro is an upgraded version of the electrostatic headphones. It adopts the fourth-generation dual-magnetic low-frequency dynamic unit. The 10mm dual-magnetic large dynamic unit has excellent frequency response and dynamic range. The bass is clear, and the atmosphere is rich. The beryllium diaphragm has excellent rigidity and response speed, which can bring richer details and musicality.
10 mm dual-magnet beryllium diaphragm dynamic unit

Major upgrade

Dual "Iron" in place
In the mid-high frequency range, TRN BAX Pro adds a new Knowles 33518 balanced armature driver for high frequencies. This improves the clarity of the high frequencies. The bright, high-frequency sound makes the overall sound quality more realistic and infectious. At the same time, it is paired with a 29689 mid-frequency balanced armature driver to extend the details and layering of the mid-frequency, making TRN BAX Pro have incredible music performance.
Two balanced armatures

Three adjustable switches tuning six customizable sound modes

By adopting advanced electronic three-way technology, the three-stage tuning switch can be adjusted to meet customers' experiences and cater to various sound styles according to individual listening preferences.
Six tuning styles are freely matched to meet different listening needs.
There is always a mode that suits you.
TRN BAX Pro Close view to switches

Tuning switch

Attention: Please use the card provided in the packaging to operate the tuning switch. Do not use sharp metal to operate the switch to prevent damage to the tuning switch.
TRN BAX Pro Frequency response of Electronic mode
  • Electronic mode

Highlights the rhythm and melody of music, making it easier to appreciate the charm of music.
TRN BAX Pro Frequency response of Transparency mode
  • Transparency mode

With clear treble and bright midrange, it achieves a transparent effect. You can try clear and concise music, such as classical or jazz, to achieve a better listening experience.
TRN BAX Pro Frequency response of Atmosphere enhancement mode
  • Atmosphere enhancement

Enhances the atmosphere, depth, and stereo sense of the sound field.For example, you can try soft pop songs, rock music, or symphonies.
TRN BAX Pro Frequency response of  High-frequency mode
  • High-frequency mode

When turned on, the high-frequency response is enhanced, which improves the listening experience for high-frequency sounds. This gives listeners a brighter sound and highlights the high-end music, making it easier to appreciate the details and nuances of the music.
TRN BAX Pro Frequency response of  Equalization mode
  • Equalization

Three-band equalization is suitable for most music genres.
TRN BAX Pro Frequency response of  Low-frequency mode
  • Low-frequency mode

When turned on, the low-frequency response is enhanced, the high-frequency response is reduced, and the sibilance is reduced. This gives listeners a more powerful and impactful bass experience and highlights the low-frequency elements of music.

Innovative acoustic structure

Lightweight cavity design
TRN BAX Pro has been upgraded with new materials, reducing the overall weight of the earphones by 35% without compromising quality! The material is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, a lightweight metal material with excellent strength and wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant properties. The structure and volume of the sound chamber are designed in a sophisticated way, making the audio waves clearer and more accurate when they are transmitted to your ears. The professional cavity design makes the unit sound richer, allowing you to feel a more realistic and spacious music space. The semi-open face cover design makes it easy to relieve pressure, achieving a relaxing and enjoyable listening experience.
TRN BAX Pro Acoustic structure

Eight-strand 6N single crystal copper detachable audio cable

TRN BAX Pro comes standard with an eight-strand single-crystal copper detachable cable. Each strand of the eight-strand single-crystal copper cable can independently transmit signals, effectively improving signal transmission capacity and stability. High-frequency transmission is smooth and delicate, with high resolution, clear details, and strong layering.
Mid-frequency is textured and moderate in volume, with magnetic sound. Low frequency has deep dive and good elasticity. You can also choose 3.5/2.4/44 audio connectors for free replacement.
Eight-strand 6N single crystal copper audio cable
TRN BAX Pro's 3.5/2.5/4.4mm connectors
Plug and play convenience. Includes 3.5/2.5/4.4mm connectors.

Thoughtful accessories are worth experiencing

Eight-strand single crystal copper cable
Aluminum storage case
3.5/2.5/4.4mm connectors
Eight pairs of ear tops:
Balanced *3 (SML)
T-set *3 (SML)
Foam tips *2 (M)
TRN BAX Pro What's in the box


Product model
Jack type
Ear hook
Earphone topography
Quad-driver triple-hybrid
Frequency response
Connector type
Cable length
Actual product specifications may vary, and all features, functionality, and other specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.
TRN BAX Pro on a white backgroundTRN BAX Pro on a white background with connectors


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