TRN BT20 Pro

True Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Module
Swappable connectors
High-quality Bluetooth chip
High-capacity charging case
50 hours of battery life
Quality codec
TRN BT20 ProTRN BT20 Pro
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Turns any earphones into wireless ones
High-quality Bluetooth chip
AAC/SBC High-Definition codecs
Swappable earpiece connectors
1000mAh portable charging case
50h continuous playback, 180h standby

Instantaneous swappable earphone upgradability

TRN BT20 Pro is designed to fit a variety of earphone connectors. Its high-quality Bluetooth chip makes switching earpieces a breeze, making it an "all-in-one" solution.
TRN BT20 Pro's connectors
* Earpiece connectors sold separately

High-quality Bluetooth chip

Bluetooth 5.3 fast connection
The all-new Bluetooth 5.3 technology features faster transmission, lower power consumption, and powerful anti-interference capabilities.
Bluetooth 5.3 comparison graphs
* The above data is from the TRN Acoustic Laboratory Test. Actual use may be slightly different.

Instantly transforms any earphone to have wireless Hi-Fi capabilities

TRN BT20 Pro's high-quality Bluetooth chip converts any dynamic, balanced armature or hybrid earphone into a total wireless Bluetooth solution. Stable yet lightweight, free from dangling wire or tangled cable. Enjoy high-fidelity and high-definition sound anytime, anywhere.
* Earpiece connectors sold separately
TRN BT20 Pro connected to TRN MT1 Max


Wireless high-definition Hi-Fi experience
TRN BT20 Pro supports AAC and SBC. Both formats allow you to enjoy lag-free, high-quality music listening, video watching, and gaming on the go.
TRN BT20 Pro charging case and modules on a smartphone

Longer battery life

LED indicator lights show battery level
TRN BT20 Pro allows 13 hours of playback per charge, up to 50 hours when used with a portable charging case.
* The above data is from the TRN Acoustic Laboratory Test. Actual use may be slightly different.
TRN BT20 Pro modules in the charging case
LED status when charging Bluetooth module
Charging case
Battery level: 75-100%
Charging case
Battery level: 50-75%
Charging case
Battery level: 25-50%
Charging case
Battery level: 5-25%
First light flashing
Low charging case battery
Bluetooth module
Fully charged
LED status when charging the charging case
First light flashing
Charging level: 0-25%
Second light flashing
Charging level: 25-50%
Third light flashing
Charging level: 50-75%
Fourth light flashing
Charging level: 75-100%
Charging case
Fully charged

Environmentally friendly TPE material

Simpler button operation
Made of one-piece environmentally friendly TPE material, TRN BT20 Pro can be freely bent up, down, left, and right and fits more snugly to the ear canal. The button has been improved with a larger button area for a more user-friendly design. With a simple press, you can control the functions you want.
TRN BT20 Pro modules
Power On / Off
Long press the button for 3s to power on
Long press the button for 3s to power off
Answer / End a call
Press once on the left/right button
Previous / Next track
Press thrice for the previous track
Press twice for the next track
Play / Pause
Press once on the left/right button

Small size, big power

More convenient foldable design
The TRN BT20 Pro has a charging case for longer battery life. The large inner cavity design accommodates a wider range of earphone heads and ear hooks for simultaneous storage. It can charge and store for protection, killing two birds with one stone.
TRN MT1 Max connected to TRN BT20 Pro

Water and sweat-resistant nanocoating for moisture protection

TRN BT20 Pro has water- and sweat-resistant nanocoating for moisture protection, indoors or outdoors, regardless of rain or shine.
TRN BT20 Pro in a water drops

Easy storage and carrying

Your faithful music companion
TRN BT20 Pro accompanies you during morning commutes, driving, running, and going to the gym. No matter where you go or what you do, it is your trusty music assistant.
TRN BT20 Pro connected to TRN ORCA in the man's ear


Product model
TRN BT20 Pro
Bluetooth encoding
~8g (per earpiece)
Effective signal range
Bluetooth version
Bluetooth 5.3
Charging port
Bluetooth chipset
High-quality Bluetooth chip
Battery power capacity
80mAh (per earpiece)
Charging case power capacity
Standby time
180 hours
Playback time
50 hours (charging case + earpieces)
13 hours when using both earpieces only
Charging time
1.5-2 hours modules
2.5-3 hours charging case
TRN BT20 Pro
TRN BT20 Pro with MMCX connectors
TRN BT20 Pro
TRN BT20 Pro with 0.78mm connectors
TRN BT20 Pro
TRN BT20 Pro with 0.75mm connectors
TRN BT20 Pro
TRN BT20 Pro with 2Pin-S connectors

Attaching cable

How to distinguish between left and right modules
As shown, the "L" and "R" markings distinguish the left and right Bluetooth modules.
How to connect modules to connectors
Bluetooth modules will be connected with the pins facing up toward the "L" and "R" indications. Connect in reverse will cause a signal phase shift.


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