Versatile tuning delivers flagship-level sound quality
Flagship 16-driver balanced armature earphones
Aircraft-grade aluminum-magnesium alloy housing
Three-stage switch self-adjustment
Six tuning styles
8-core silver-plated cable
Removable audio plug design
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Upgrades in all aspects bring about a transformation in sound quality

Switch Tuning upgrade

TRN BA16 offers three-stage Switch tuning with six sound styles to meet different listening preferences and usage scenarios.

Driver upgrade

The earphones feature a reconstructed Balanced Armature driver pairing to reproduce instrument and vocal textures precisely.

Housing design

The vent design balances air pressure in the housing.

Appearance upgrade

TRN BA16 has a cleaner, simpler, exquisite appearance, like a work of art.
TRN is pleased to present the upgraded TRN BA16 HiFi earphones, which will surely surprise you! As a powerful upgrade to the popular classic TRN BA15, the TRN BA16 takes a new step forward in both appearance and interior. It is not only a pursuit of the product itself but also a love of sound quality and a commitment to quality. Let TRN BA16 become your source of sound inspiration and emotional support, and experience the ultimate enjoyment of music's beauty.

Innovation never stops

6 High-frequency Balanced Amarture drivers
6 Mid-frequency Balanced Amarture drivers
3 Mid-low frequency Balanced Amarture drivers
1 Low-frequency Balanced Armature driver
Aircraft-grade aluminum-magnesium alloy housing
Adjustable tuning switch design
Electronic crossover
8-core silver-plated cable
Interchangeable audio plugs with 3.5/2.5/4.4mm

Dedicated to providing excellence at a new level

We have completely upgraded and improved the TRN BA16 Hi-Fi earphones to bring you a new and exciting experience. Based on the excellent genes of the TRN BA15, the TRN BA16 has undergone a comprehensive upgrade, from the drivers to the sound chambers, from the Balanced Armature units to the tuning design. Every detail.has been carefully improved to provide you with a better listening experience than ever before. Whether you are a music production expert or an audiophile who cares about details, the TRN BA16 will be your best partner in pursuing excellent sound quality.
TRN BA16 Schema
16 Balanced armature
driver units
Adjustable tuning
switch design

Equipped with 32 Balanced Armature drivers on both sides

Challenging new heights of sound
The TRN BA16 earphone features 16 custom balanced armature drivers on each side. The TRN BA16 covers the entire frequency range of low, mid, and high frequencies through advanced three-way crossover technology, delivering a powerful and impressive sound.
32 Balanced Armature drivers

High-frequency / ultra-high frequency

Featuring six highly acclaimed high-frequency units, the earphone is sensitive to the details of sound, with clear and bright vocals that are not sharp.

Midrange / mid-bass

The earphone features six midrange units and three mid-bass units, which precisely reproduce the details and textures of different instruments and vocals. The sound is delicate and clear, without any muddiness.

Low frequency

The low-frequency unit provides deep, rich, and accurate bass with strong impact. It can clearly distinguish the different frequencies of bass sounds.

Three adjustable switches tuning six customizable sound modes

TRN BA16 uses advanced electronic crossover technology to meet the needs of users with different listening preferences. It features a three-stage tuning switch that can be used to switch between six different tuning styles, satisfying different listening experiences and usage scenarios.
TRN BA16 Switch

Tuning switch

Attention: Please use the card provided in the packaging to operate the tuning switch. Do not use sharp metal to operate the switch to prevent damage to the tuning switch.
TRN BA16 Electronic mode frequency response
  • Electronic mode

Highlights the rhythm and melody of music, making it easier to appreciate the charm of music.
TRN BA16 High-frequency mode frequency response
  • High-frequency mode

When turned on, the high-frequency response is enhanced, which improves the listening experience for high-frequency sounds. This gives listeners a brighter sound and highlights the high-end music, making it easier to appreciate the details and nuances of the music.
TRN BA16 Low-frequency mode frequency response
  • Low-frequency mode

When turned on, the low-frequency response is enhanced, the high-frequency response is reduced, and the sibilance is reduced. This gives listeners a more powerful and impactful bass experience and highlights the low-frequency elements of music.
TRN BA16 Equalization mode frequency response
  • Equalization mode

Three-band equalization is suitable for most music genres.
TRN BA16 Mellow Voice mode frequency response
  • Mellow voice mode

This mode increases the treble and presence of vocals, making them sound more clear and vibrant. It is ideal for vocals-driven music, such as singing and pop songs with clear vocals.
TRN BA16 Soft vocal mode frequency response
  • Soft vocal mode

This feature enhances the mellowness and smoothness of the vocals, making them more pleasant and comfortable to listen to.

Electronic three-way tuning brings you the shock and beauty of sound

The TRN BA16 adopts an independent three-way design, accurately calculating the frequencies of each unit. With high resolution, it seamlessly merges the frequencies of each unit, ensuring the consistency of the high, medium, and low frequencies for a harmonious music performance.
TRN BA16 Electronic crossover
Electronic crossover

Compatible with most mobile devices

TRN BA16 can play music directly from the front of your phone so that you can have great professional-grade sound on your phone, too. Enjoy good music anytime, without the hassle of a heavy professional player.
34Ω Impedance
105dB Sensitivity
* This data is tested in Equalization mode.
TRN BA16 next to smartphone

8-core high-purity silver-plated oxygen-free copper cable

Swappable audio connectors
Plug and play convenience with 3.5mm, 2.5mm, and 4.4mm balanced plugs.
8-core high-purity silver-plated oxygen-free copper cable
Plug and play convenience. The package includes 3.5/2.5/4.4mm connectors.

Ergonomically designed for your ears

Based on the human ears, the external shell is shaped for long-wearing without fatigue or irritation. Secure, over-the-ear design ensures earphones stay in place for unmatched comfort and sound isolation.
TRN BA16 earphone in the ear

Attention to details

Set your worries free
8-core high-purity silver-plated oxygen-free
Aluminum storage case
3.5/2.5/4.4mm connectors
8 pair of ear tops: Balanced (SML) *3 + T-set (SML) *3 + Memory foam ear tip *2
TRN BA16 What's in the box


Earphone topography
Full balanced armature
Frequency response
Connector type
Jack type
Cable length
7.9g+26g (earpiece+cable)
Wearing type
Ear hook
Actual product specifications may vary, and all features, functionality, and other specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.
TRN BA16 New faceplate
TRN BA16 Old faceplate


TRN BA16 without cableTRN BA16 StructureTRN BA16 Close viewTRN BA16 on a black background


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