Entry-level benchmark adjustable dynamic earphones
LCP diaphragm 10mm
Dual-magnetic dynamic unit
Three-stage switch six-tuning
Liquid metal cavity design
Replaceable upgrade cable

Key Highlights in Every Detail

Adjustable tuning switch design
High-Molecular LCP Diaphragm
Dual-circuit dynamic driver
Liquid metal cavity
Professional Hi-Fi tuning
Detachable cable design
Killer whale swims in the ocean

Break the Limits, Everything is in the Sound of "Orca"!

In the sea's depths, an enigmatic and formidable creature exists - the Orca. Its immense size and penetrating vocalizations inspire endless fascination. Drawn to its essence, we have crafted "Orca," embodying our profound respect for sound and the unremitting pursuit of power.

Just as the orca's sonic repertoire traverses the ocean depths, our "Orca" earphone harness the power of high-performance dual chamber dynamic technology. Whether you seek the resonant depths of bass or the pristine clarity of mid to high frequencies, every note resonates with the shock and tension of an Orca's presence.

Like an underwater world unfolding within your ears, each listening experience becomes an adventure, each melody a revelation. Immerse yourself in a universe of sound, where unlimited possibilities await exploration.

Calm as the deep sea, surging when active, originated from the high-polymer crystal LCP diaphragm

The TRN Orca adopts a high-polymer crystal LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) diaphragm made by solid-phase condensation. Compared with the traditional melt-phase condensation method, it effectively avoids side reactions and ensures the performance of high-polymer crystal materials. It has excellent damping characteristics, making it significantly transient, fast, and accurate in response. This means that when the audio signal is transmitted to the diaphragm, it can quickly respond and restore the original sound source, perfectly presenting the details of the music. At the same time, the LCP diaphragm has excellent Young's modulus at the dome, which provides the earphone with high resolution and high-frequency extension characteristics. Therefore, you can expect to see the sound details fully and naturally when using this earphone.
TRN ORCA Dynamic drive
High-polymer crystal LCP diaphragm
Copper-clad aluminum voice coil
N52 magnets
Dual-chamber unit design

High-performance dual-magnetic dual-chamber technology delivers powerful sound

The TRN Orca is equipped with a 10mm high-performance dual-chamber dynamic driver, which is the key to sound quality. It integrates multiple precision acoustic configurations, including a solid-state polymer crystal LCP diaphragm, an N52 strong magnetic circuit, and a lightweight CCAW voice coil. These configurations ensure the TRN Orca's high sensitivity and dynamic response, further optimize the sound performance and make the sound quality purer and more delicate. The TRN Orca also features low distortion, high resolution, and a wide frequency band, guaranteeing its powerful performance and sound potential.
TRN ORCA Structure

Three adjustable switches turning six customizable sound modes

TRN Orca adopts advanced electronic three-way technology with a three-stage tuning switch to meet different customer experiences. The sound styles can be adjusted according to personal listening preferences. Six tuning styles are freely matched to meet different listening needs. There is always a mode that suits you.
TRN ORCA on a reflective surface

Tuning switch

Attention: Please use the card provided in the packaging to operate the tuning switch. Do not use sharp metal to operate the switch to prevent damage to the tuning switch.
TRN ORCA Electronic mode graph
  • Electronic mode

Highlights the rhythm and melody of music, making it easier to appreciate the charm of music.
TRN ORCA Transparency mode graph
  • Transparency mode

With clear treble and bright midrange, it achieves a transparent effect. You can try clear and concise music, such as classical or jazz, to achieve a better listening experience.
TRN ORCA Atmosphere enhancement mode graph
  • Atmosphere enhancement

Enhances the atmosphere, depth, and stereo sense of the sound field. For example, you can try soft pop songs, rock music, or symphonies.
TRN ORCA High-frequency mode graph
  • High-frequency mode

When turned on, the high-frequency response is enhanced, which improves the listening experience for high-frequency sounds. This gives listeners a brighter sound and highlights the high-end music, making it easier to appreciate the details and nuances of the music.
TRN ORCA Equalization mode graph
  • Equalization

Three-band equalization is suitable for most music genres.
TRN ORCA Low-frequency mode graph
  • Low-frequency mode

When turned on, the low-frequency response is enhanced, the high-frequency response is reduced, and the sibilance is reduced. This gives listeners a more powerful and impactful bass experience and highlights the low-frequency elements of music.

Your own music scene

Intricate sound cavity structure
To better restore the sound and sound field of the TRN Orca, we have optimized the sound cavity of the killer whale. After continuous measurement, calculation, and optimization, we have designed a professional internal sound cavity structure. The position and angle of each unit are all calculated with precision. The reasonable internal sound cavity results, combined with the acoustically stable liquid metal outer cavity, can control the reflection of redundant noise. Combined with the high-polymer crystal LCP diaphragm dynamic unit, it can show the naturalness and fullness of sound details and bring stronger shock and purity.
TRN ORCA Tuning switch

A powerful player with an elegant posture

An artistic liquid metal cavity
The TRN Orca's appearance adopts a liquid metal cavity design, which is processed by multiple complex processes. It has a strong and durable body, and the delicate, uneven surface in the cavity can effectively suppress standing waves, providing a purer sound bottom. Surface finishing technology with surface baking is simple and modern, and it has excellent durability and the temperament of a work of art, enjoying a high-quality aesthetic experience.
TRN ORCA on a surface with water drops

Lose yourself in the world of music

Settle down in the world of music
Comfortable in-ear wearing
We are aware of the importance of comfortable wearing earphones. The deep-sea creature inspires the design of the TRN Orca earphones. The comfortable wearing experience is like surrounded by soft musical notes in the deep sea. It adopts a humanized ergonomic design to reduce the fatigue of long-term wearing to the lowest level. At the same time, it can also provide an excellent noise isolation effect, allowing you to immerse yourself in the music world entirely.
TRN ORCA in the ear

Newly improved 2 Pin Type Connectors

Gold-plated contact pins
From reviews and customer feedback, it is known that the new and improved 2-Pin connectors can effectively protect the contact pins from accidental breakage, giving users longevity and better wearability.
TRN ORCA with detached cable

Rich accessories

Immersive gaming experience
4 core silver plated cable
TRN Orca comes with 4 different ear tips:
T-set *1 pair (M)
Balanced ear tips *3 pairs (SML)
TRN ORCA What's in the box


Product model
TRN Orca
Transducer type
Dynamic Drivers Monitors
Frequency response
Ear hook
Connector type
Jack type
9.4g+12g (earphone+cable)
Cable length
TRN ORCA with cableTRN ORCA without cableTRN ORCA 3.5mmTRN ORCA Type-C


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