TRN T-Ear Tips

The All-New
TRN Type-T Silicone Ear Tips
0.4mm dome thickness
Reproduces natural timbre and tonality
Dual-density medical grade silicone injection molding process
Patented waveguide technology
Available in 2 colors and 3 sizes
TRN T-Ear TipsTRN T-Ear Tips

Soft and comfortable

The all-new TRN T-Ear silicone ear tip inherits our principles of high-quality coupled with good value. Two types of medical grade silicone are used, more rigid silicone with structural grooves is used to support the stem to provide stability, while the softer silicone with a thickness of 0.4mm is used to make the dome. You will experience an improvement in sound isolation and comfortable and fatigue-free wear.
* Available in 2 colors - Clear red and Smokey black
TRN T-Ear Tips Clear red and Smokey black
TRN T-Ear Tips S-sizeTRN T-Ear Tips M-sizeTRN T-Ear Tips L-size
Available in 3 sizes.
Compatible with earphones bore diameter from 3.8mm to 6.2mm.

Sound diffusion waveguide

Rigid grooves supporting structure
Our TRN T-Ear ear tip adopts a patented waveguide design that controls sound diffusion. The groove structure provides extra grip on the earphone nozzle. It supports the dome from deformation at the same time, resulting in an excellent ear seal, secure fitment, and impeccable noise isolation.
TRN T-Ear Tips Schema

Restores original sound

Suppresses unnatural resonance
Our patented waveguide helps propagate sound waves into the listener’s ears, minimizing transmission loss. The soundstage is greatly enhanced. Enjoy deep, punchy bass and ultra-smooth yet textured mids. Unnatural resonance in the upper registers is vastly reduced, delivers a crystal-clear voice, treble free from harshness, and improved overall details.
TRN T-Ear Tips frequency response
Blue FR: Conventional silicone ear tip
Red FR: TRN T-Ear silicone ear tip
* Results based on TRN’s test reports.

Compatible with most earphones

on the market today
Available in 3 sizes: S, M, L.
TRN T-Ear tips fit bore diameter from 3.8mm to 6.2mm.
TRN T-Ear Tips with earphones
Smokey black
TRN T-Ear Tips Smokey black
Clear red
TRN T-Ear Tips Clear red


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