TRN Mars

Gaming Earphones
Breakthrough design
3D professional gaming earphones
Three-unit vibration gaming earphones
Industry-leading vibration unit
10mm full-range dynamic unit
High-frequency BA unit
Removable game microphone
TRN MarsTRN Mars
*Please note: Photos are for illustration purposes only. Actual products may vary in appearance or specification.
10mm composite diaphragm
Dynamic unit
Vibration unit
Enjoy the game pleasure
Listen and tell the position
Charge the battlefield
Removable game
Balanced armature brings excellent high-frequency resolution
2Pin replaceable cable 
Replaceable audio
plug design
Liquid metal combined
with resin


The God of War stands majestically on the ancient battlefield, a symbol of battle and victory. He is clad in a cloak, wielding a giant sword, and his piercing gaze reveals endless courage. One day, he embarked on an adventure searching for the legendary mysterious weapon. He faced the challenges of all kinds of monsters in the dark cave, firm and brave. The steady voice of command came from the earphones, and the God of War suddenly felt infinite power, and his sword moved more sharply. Finally, he defeated all enemies and obtained the legendary weapon. From then on, the God of War's earphones became a weapon every warrior wanted to have on the battlefield. These God of War gaming earphones, as if to integrate the players with the legendary heroes, let everyone feel the courage and strength from the heart.
Anime warrior God of War

For Gamers
Immersive Gaming Experience

TRN has launched TRN Mars - a new Hi-Fi earphone for gamers, designed for a gaming experience in terms of sound quality and user experience. It is always ready to fight and bring you an immersive gaming experience.
TRN Mars on the table

Super Sensory Esports Experience

Vibration Unit + Dynamic + Balanced Armature
TRN Mars adopts a unique, innovative technology with an internal vibration unit, which brings you an immersive gaming experience. This cutting-edge design will give you a new sensory experience and let you immerse yourself in the world of the game. The vibration unit adopts a precise engineering design, which can generate precise vibration effects according to the audio signal of the game so that you can feel every sound and every subtle vibration in the game. At the same time, we have carefully designed the cavity structure of the earphone to maximize the transmission of vibration effects so that you can feel the game's battle, explosion, and action immersively. A 10mm PET composite diaphragm dynamic unit combined with a high-frequency balanced armature brings a better gaming experience and good sound quality experience.
TRN Mars schema
The newly developed vibration unit

The newly developed vibration unit

TRN has launched the vibration unit through repeated experiments, which adopts N52-level large magnetic flux circuit design and drives the voice coil vibration to transmit to the vibration metal sheet to achieve the overall earphone vibration effect. The vibration can detect footsteps and gunfire, enhance the game perception, and effectively detect aircraft through the multi-dimensional perception of footsteps. The synchronized vibration mode brings a shocking sensory experience to games and movies.
10mm full-range dynamic unit

10mm full-range dynamic unit

The powerful 10mm PET composite diaphragm has a clean and refreshing bass, high resolution, and high-quality sound performance so that the sound color and sound field can be better restored.
High-frequency balanced armature

High-frequency balanced armature

The high-frequency balanced armature is responsible for improving high-frequency resolution, enhancing the penetration and resolution of high-frequency sound, and significantly improving high-frequency density, making the sound more transparent.

Synchronized vibration

The real 3D experience
TRN Mars is equipped with a 10mm vibration unit, which can vibrate with the sound effects in the game, such as gunshots and explosions, to enhance the gaming perception and bring you a shocking experience as if you are there.
Reloading sound
Weapon aiming
Footstep sound
TRN Mars with Mic next to smartphone

The natural collision of liquid metal and resin

The earphone face cover is made of liquid metal, and the surface is combined with various processes and imported resin material bottom shell. The cavity details are clearly visible, showing the beauty of art, the dark primary color, and adding a lot of mystery.
TRN Mars without cable
resin cavity
Liquid metal
face cover

High-sensitivity detachable gaming microphone

TRN Mars has a detachable microphone with a flexible lever design that can be freely adjusted to any angle and a unidirectional pickup. At the same time, it has the characteristics of high sensitivity, which can achieve more transparent voice recording and transmission. Whether it is playing games or singing, it has excellent performance.
TRN Mars in the gamer's ear
Flexible lever
Freely adjustable angle

Fine-tuning and excellent sound quality

The high-end unit combination is equipped with professional acoustic tuning, which can more thoroughly and accurately analyze and restore high-resolution audio, bringing you a more passionate and realistic listening experience.
TRN Mars frequency response
* The data above is from TRN acoustic laboratory tests. The actual use may differ slightly.


TRN Mars adopts 4-core silver-plated copper wounded and an oxygen-free copper braided cable. Such configuration has the advantages of both silver-plated copper and oxygen-free copper. It effectively gives fullness to the sound. Resolution is greatly enhanced, extracting fine details with unsurpassed clarity.
4-core silver-plated copper wounded and an oxygen-free copper braided cable
TRN Mars 3.5mm plug
Plug-and-play convenience
* Includes 3.5mm plug only

Compatible with a variety of devices

Use at will
TRN has launched a multi-purpose device- TRN Mars- to meet the needs of various devices and improve the user experience of Hi-Fi earphones. The 3.5mm interface can be directly connected to various audio devices, and the Type-C tail can be connected to various mobile phones and tablets. There is also a USB interface to connect to computers, external sound cards, etc., so various experiences are not only for games.
Cell phone
TRN Mars with Type-C adapter cable

Rich accessories

Immersive gaming experience
Earphone cable, detachable microphone, TE Hi-Fi Decoding Adapter cable, USB adapter, 7 pairs of ear tips (3 T-tips (SML) + 3 bass tips (SML) + 1 pair of foam tips).
TRN Mars What's in the box


Product model
TRN Mars
Ear hook
Transducer type
Hybrid Vibration In-Ear Monitors
Frequency response
Connector type
Jack type
Microphone length
Cable length
1.2m / 2m
(Single earphone + Cable + Mic)
Actual product specifications may vary, and all features, functionality, and other specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.
TRN Mars with detached Mic
TRN Mars with MIC


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