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High-Definition Analysis
Exploring the Purity of Sound
10mm dual magnet dynamic driver
Silicon crystal composite bio-cellulose diaphragm
Imported polycarbonate housing
Upgradeable and replaceable cable
Note: Actual product may vary. The artwork is for illustration purposes.
Silicon-crystal composite diaphragm
Dual magnet dynamic driver
Imported polycarbonate housing
Upgradeable and replaceable cable
Transparent shell design
Ergonomic design

Trendy Sound Tuning

Illuminate Your Music Journey
TRN CS4 features precise tuning with a relaxed, atmospheric low-frequency, transparent mid-frequency, and high-frequency solid resolution. The frequency distribution is uniform, and the overall style is biased towards pop. This can bring us a more realistic and moving music enjoyment, closer to the original recording effect, and let us feel as if we are on the scene.
TRN CS4 next to smartphone

Strong Dual-Magnet Design

Core Power Output
TRN CS4 is equipped with a dual-magnet design. The diaphragm uses a high-polymer composite diaphragm. Unlike the high-rigidity diaphragm popular on the market, TRN CS4 uses a light, medium-rigidity, and good elasticity high-polymer diaphragm. Combined with carefully designed patterns, it can achieve lower distortion and better music performance. The double magnetic flux provides a strong thrust, making the sound field wider, transient, and dynamic, with full expressiveness. Low, mid, and high frequencies are responsible for their duties, restoring the essence of sound and accurately presenting every sound detail.
TRN CS4 Dual-magnet design

Professional Hi-Fi Earphones

The appearance of the shape design of the auricle design of the bionic human body and the acoustic structure feature wearing comfort.
TRN CS4 shape
Wear comfortably anthroponomy
Professional Hi-Fi tone quality
Daily running wear
Fitness exercise wear
Outdoor riding wear

Delicate Tuning

The Power That Truly Moves the Heart
For TRN acoustic engineers, every step, from the scientific use of the diaphragm to the internal acoustic structure design, even to the selection of welding materials, is repeatedly adjusted, listening to the opinions of many authoritative audiophiles. Every step is an advancement in acoustic tuning. TRN CS4 will take you into a unique dialogue with music.
TRN CS4 Frequency response
*The above data is from the TRN Acoustic Laboratory Test. Actual use may be slightly different.

Ergonomic Design

Accurately Position the Ear Canal for Comfortable Wearing
Engineers have often adjusted and modified the ear canal data to create a more comfortable wearing experience. Scientifically designed in-ear design, like a tailor-made fit, lets you enjoy the joy of music.
TRN CS4 in the ear

Newly Improved 2-Pin Type Connectors

Gold-Plated Contact Pins
From reviews and customer feedback, it is known that the new and improved 2-Pin connectors can effectively protect the contact pins from accidental breakage, giving users longevity and better wearability.
TRN CS4 with cable

Rich Accessories

Immersive Gaming Experience
Oxygen-Free Copper braided cable.
TRN CS4 comes with 4 different ear tips:
T-set *1 pair (M)
Balanced ear tips *3 pairs (SML)
TRN CS4 What's in the box


Product model
Jack type
3.5mm /Type-C
Frequency response
Connector type
2 Pin-S
4.2+12g (single earphone + cable)
Cable length
TRN CS4 Transparent
TRN CS4 without cable
TRN CS4 Type-C Mic
TRN CS4 with Type-C cable
TRN CS4 No Mic
TRN CS4 without MIC
TRN CS4 With Mic
TRN CS4 with MIC


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