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TRN Xuanwu

Hybrid Planar In-Ear Monitor
10mm Square Planar Driver
TRN Custom Balanced Armature Driver
TRN Xuanwu Hybrid Planar In-Ear MonitorTRN Xuanwu Hybrid Planar In-Ear Monitor
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Actual products may vary in appearance or specification.

Heart of the TRN Xuanwu

10mm Square Planar Driver
TRN Custom Balanced Armature Driver
CNC faceplate & imported resin acoustics housing
Excellent transient response
4-core cable with silver-plated copper and oxygen-free braided copper cable
Easy to drive Mobile Direct Push

The Origins of Xuanwu

Xuanwu, or the Black Tortoise (a.k.a. "Black Warrior"), is a Chinese constellation making up one of the Four Symbols of Chinese astronomy. Despite its English name, Xuanwu is usually depicted as a tortoise entwined together with a serpent. That's tortoise and serpent combined, with the tortoise's ability to be absolutely quiet and the serpent's ability to be absolutely swift. The combination of movement and stillness, yin and yang, and life and death becomes the Xuanwu, which dominates the northern sky and symbolizes winter, representing a new cycle of time and a harmonious universe balance. In the classic novel Journey to the West, Xuanwu was a king of the North with two generals serving under him, a "Tortoise General" and a "Serpent General". The tortoise and the serpent were thought to be spiritual creatures symbolizing longevity. Xuanwu has also become a symbol of immortality and eternity.
The tortoise shell's patterns inspired TRN Xuanwu's faceplate
TRN Xuanwu faceplate

The "Unique" Square Planar Driver

Developed and manufactured by Bellsing, this distinctively new and exclusive 10mm square planar driver has excellent bass to midrange transient response. It incorporates the strengths of both dynamic drivers and conventional planar drivers. With TRN's custom balanced armature driver, the entire audio band is exceptionally well-balanced with an organic and transparent timbre, which is rare among true planar earphones.
TRN Xuanwu scheme
TRN Custom Balanced Armature Driver
10mm Square Planar Driver
TRN Xuanwu Frequency response
* The above data is from TRN Acoustic Laboratory Test. Actual use may be slightly different.

Manufacturing process

TRN Xuanwu has an aluminum alloy faceplate with a honeycomb mosaic design and an imported semi-permeable resin shell. Together, they form a marriage of simplicity and beauty.
TRN Xuanwu inside
Aluminum alloy faceplate adopts an advanced mosaic process
Imported resin acoustics housing


TRN Xuanwu adopts 4 core silver-plated copper wounded and an oxygen-free copper braided cable. Such configuration has the advantages of both silver-plated copper and oxygen-free copper. It effectively gives fullness to the sound. Resolution is greatly enhanced, extracting fine details with unsurpassed clarity. Swappable connectors with 3.5mm / 2.5mm / 4.4mm gold-plated audio jacks.
4 core silver-plated copper wire
2Pin-S plug-in design
2Pin-S plug-in design
3.5mm audio plug
3.5mm audio plug

Easy to drive

The newly developed Bellsing square planar driver in TRN Xuanwu is groundbreaking and revolutionary in driver technology that breaks stereotypes. Planar earphones are no longer restricted to heavy digital audio players and powerful amplifiers. With an impedance of just 12Ω, even a smartphone can drive it well. Enjoy good music anytime, anywhere!
TRN Xuanwu next to smartphone

Packing accessories

4-core silver-plate cable.
7 different ear tips:
T-set ear tips * 1 pair (size M)
Balanced ear tips * 3 pairs (sizes S, M, L)
Bass ear tips * 3 pairs (sizes S, M, L)
TRN Xuanwu What's in the box


Product model
TRN Xuanwu
Frequency response
Transducer type
Hybrid Planar In-Ear Monitor
Connector type
Jack type
Black and gold
Ear hook
Cable length
5.3g+20g with cable
Actual product specifications may vary, and all features, functionality, and other specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.
TRN Xuanwu
TRN Xuanwu with MIC
TRN Xuanwu
TRN Xuanwu without MIC


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